Token Exchange

A Singapore Trust

$ 50,459.00
$ 3,958.75
$ 1,307.77
$ 0.999293


Instantly Create And Manage Ethereum, ERC20 Compatible Wallets.


Discover, Monitor & Trade Tokens via the TKEX ExchangR.


Make Your Tokens Available For Sell To Over 3500+ Active Users.​

Order Book

Track And Manage Your Sell Orders Easily From 1 Central Place.



All Fees Are ETH Price Dynamic.

The GAS FEE is a global ethereum blockchain fee that every user globally pays when using the blockchain. This is not controlled by the TKEX. With the ETH price currently so high, It is best practice to keep a minumum of $100 ETH in your AIRWALLET to avoid any GAS FEE related transaction errors.

The token trade fee is 10% of sell orders.

Token sell orders are $5 USD. Token sell orders will expire after 30 days. 

To change the price of a listing is $2.50 USD. Listing expiration will remain the same. This can be completed from your Order Book.

Sell Orders can be easily delisted for $5 USD.  Delists can take up to 2 days. Your sell order will remain live until delist request is completed. This can be completed from your Order Book.

Token Exchange

A Singapore Trust

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