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Keep your listed token monthly, VM Usage, API Consumption, and TKEX Market Watch maintenance up to date.


Cloud Power

Virtual Machines + Cloud Databases

Cloud Server management and massively scaling cloud databases can be tedious and sometimes impossible to manage without the proper expertise. With TKEX, we manage this for you, so you can focus on growing your token community.


Etherscan + API Management

APIs are used by the TKEX from platforms like Etherscan.io and Coinmarketcap.com to maintain dynamic price changes daily for your token. Campaigns can produce millions of API calls that need to be managed daily. No worries, we do all the heavy lifting for you.

TKEX Watch

Retail + Wholesale Management

Somebody & something has to process every order right? Our team makes this process seamless and near invisible to token community owners so they can focus on what matters. Let the TKEX Watch the Market while you build your community.

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