The TKEX was created to better expand the ability to move ERC 20 tokens between holders as their is a lacko of quality ERC 20 token blockchain platforms with common everyday usage.


As Blockchain technology is very volatile and forever changing and evolving, the TKEK shall not and is not responsible for any blockchain related issues of any kind as it does not control the blockchain in any way, and is simply a third party connector making it easy for users to get connected to the Ethereum Blockchain. By using the TKEX you agree that you except all risk that come with using blockchain technology and grant the TKEX immunity from an blockchain related issues or errors that may or do occur.


All users are responsible for all wallets created using the TKEX platform upon creation. All users are responsible for saving their private keys which are provided by the TKEX to secure their own wallets. The TKEX is in NOW WAY responsible for any ETH or ERC 20 Tokens that may become lost based on a lack of the user saving their PRIVATE KEY(s) before transferring ETH and/or ERC 20 Tokens into their TKEX wallet(s). Any lost assets/wallets/ETH/ERC 20 Tokens are not able to be recovered by the TKEX as the user is responsible for their wallets/accounts upon creation as stated above.

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