Auto Delisting

TKEX (Token Exchange) has been growing tremendously since the top of 2020. The TKEX has now successfully completed over 1 Billion Blockchain API Calls and recently opened over 1550+ Active TKEX Wallets. With these amazing strides, we are continuing to make major adjustments to make room for more expected massive growth for the year of 2020.

What Is Changing?

Sell Orders will now have 30 Day Lifespans, meaning all sell orders will be auto delisted after 30 days. There may also be a decision to delist monthly no matter when the Sell order was placed. For example, if a sell order was placed on the 28th of a month, it would be delisted on the 1st of the next month.

These changes are being made to create technological order and growth stability on the TKEX as it scales and continues to expand to new levels of usage.

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