Sell Order Limit

TKEX (Token Exchange) has been growing tremendously since the top of 2020. TKEX has successfully completed over 300 Million Blockchain API Calls and recently opened over 1400+ TKEX Wallets in the last 30 days. Along with major growth comes major adjustments.

Moving forward we will be limiting the amount of live sell orders to 3 Live Sell Orders per TKEX Wallet/User. If you currently have more than 3 sell orders now, they will be delisted or may have been already delisted. Older sell orders will be delisted first.

No ETH will be refunded for completed/live sell orders. If your sell order is currently processing, and you have more than 3 currently, your older sell order(s) will be delisted to maintain a 3 Sell Order Limit per TKEX Wallet/User.

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